Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Catching Up on the Blogging.

In May the girls and I attended my sister Alicia's wedding. The girls looked like little brides.
Cora, Emma, Alicia and her new husband Matt. It is about time we got some height into the family. Matt is 6'5"

So we were over at Vanessa's house for Mother's day and we were all sharing what we bought. Ariane said that Ryan had got her a plant for mother's day and did not look too happy about it. I stated that early in our marriage I bought Melissa a plant. I told her it symbolized our marriage, and that as we watered it, and nourished it, it would grow and flourish. That was all key for, I couldn't afford flowers so I found this cheap plant. I told him that I could totally see what he was doing and was with him all the way. That of course was until Ariane brought the plant in from the car. The only thing I could say was, man you screwed up. I showed the pictures to Mel at home and she could not stop laughing. I think she almost stopped breathing. Way to go Ryan. I am going to print these pictures off and put them on the fridge. Anytime in the future that Mel does not like a gift I gave her I will just thrust my finger toward the kitchen and in a defiant voice say. It could of been worse...Thanks Ryan.
You thought the other angle was bad!
I had the opportunity to go Musk Ox hunting. Mel thought it would be a good Idea to get a family picture. Too bad were late for Christmas cards.

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littlegreen said...

oh my goodness, that plant is just too much!! way to go ryan!! oh man, good thing we're watsons and have a good sense of humor, right? :) Love you guys, and awesome family shot with the musk ox head, very nice!!!