Wednesday, November 26, 2008

It's Christmas time!!

It's Christmas time at the Olsen's house. Yes it starts early, but it gives a good feeling in the home. We finally are getting settled into our new home and the whole family loves it. It looks as if I will have to live in Kotzebue for another month or so. I hope it goes fast, I miss Mel and the kids.

Holy Moly look at all of those stockings!!!

These guy's were over by my parents house. There is actually another one behind Momma you can kind of see his rump.

Aidan out at Indian Valley Meats.

The little man stole my spot.

Mel went on a fishing trip this summer when she went down to Anchorage. Yeah, I send her to go catch the halibut. I get sea sick. I'm still secure in my manhood.