Monday, May 5, 2008

Fun Weekend

Mel racing across the Kotzebue Sound
My speed racer posing with her machine

Getting down with the chain saw.

The Kotzebue Branch Shea fishing trip
(The fishing was good, the catching was bad)

Our new elder couple missionaries from Utah...they
were a little under dressed but they had fun.

I arranged for a babysitter to come over and sit with the kids. I had to gather firewood for the Branch Shea fishing trip and we decided to turn it into a snow machine date. We rode up the trail about 20 miles and then decided to get off of the beaten path and break our own trail. We had a lot of fun cutting in and out of the trees. We did get a little nervous when we approached a dense patch of trees...we came across a bunch of fresh bear tracks...decided not to go in there...We rode around for a couple of hours and on the way back home we stopped to cut wood. It was a good evening. It is amazing how big this country is. Three and half hours, 52 miles and we did not see one person on the trail!