Monday, September 1, 2008

Hunting in August

Todd my partner from work and I decided to go boating down the coast the other day. We took one of our pilots with us. We found this little secluded beach that can only be reached with a boat. I found a walrus skeleton with the head still attached.

Found some jelly fish in the water. I think these two were mating. This was a vindication for Melissa because earlier in the week she got stung by jelly fish in both legs and people were telling her there weren't any in the region. Hah!! We also traveled 60 miles south past the Arctic circle to Puffin island, It is the most northern nesting grounds for the puffin. Look at all of those birds. I have never seen anything like it.
We dropped off our friend and Todd and I decided to do a impromptu hunting trip. This was our camping spot. Can't you just smell the moose?We woke up early in the morning and cruised really slow up and down the slews. Keeping our eye out for the big one.
Yes sir. I got it!! Sixty Eight inch rack! And now we have all that meat in the freezer.
No hormones and we were able to take 700 lbs of meat with out bones. Needless to say I had a lot of happy friends. It was awesome. I was praying to find a moose to catch and 30 minutes latter there he was silhouetted against the sky with his antlers looking like two huge satellite dishes bobbing up and down.

We got home late and here was a nice picture as we pulled into the boat harbor.