Tuesday, April 15, 2008



Megan said...

Oh wow! I love it! That must bring some brightness to the dark winter! :) And you look awesome Melissa, seriously! You look like some sort of vegetable chopping kitchen model! What's your secret? So 30 must be a good age, huh? I'm looking forward to it, maybe I should try the pink hair. Derick's always saying I should try black sometime, but I can't imagine that! If anything, I think I'd do really dramatic red or something. Anyways, totally funky, I love it! :)

littlegreen said...

LOVE the hair! it's always nice to do something fun every now and then. As soon as I am finished with this corporate job, who knows when that'll be, but I am getting dreads, just cause. Cause we can just do things like that!!
Oh, and I think we have the same set of sweet melamine mixing bowls, love those!!

carter green said...

its good to see that you have a blog. i'm glad that you found mine. i'm at BYU studying IT. but right now im in anchorage working this summer as a bellman. thats cool that you are up in kotzebue. i'd love to come visit but i dont have the money soo i guess not. i like this whole blog thing its a good way to keep up with people like you.